A FLASHBACK: gratitude to quarantine.

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When we all are busy doing the quarantine, it’s a tiny space to make a flashback.

When a girl takes physics in her graduation, she hopes certainly for a doctorate or to enter the corporate or involve entirely in research.  However, the situations prevailing around hopes different things. Three weeks of quarantine have persuaded me to rethink LIFE in a different way. Indeed, a positive way. Everything got eroded when we got petrified from some micro-organisms. Therefore, I have determined myself to re-evaluate me so that I walk out of my house, even more, a better persona.

Let’s walk to the flashback.  I have got wonderful years to enjoy studying Physics. HOLD ON!! I’m not a great physicist!! However, I loved traversing through the pages of all my textbooks. I was super lucky enough getting a plethora of varied opportunities, because of the awesome college where I have studied. You can join corporate, you can shine so well in management, and you can peruse any research. However, the sense of dissatisfaction will confuse you to choose, when you are blessed with humungous choices which are super stupendous.

The growing of your age will push you to regret that you have overlooked some tremendous things on your past path. Sometimes, the circle which you live would definitely contradict with your thoughts. However, I am going to thank this quarantine which made me reflect the life in the very generous opposite of my old regrets, minuscule opinions on my failures and so on.

           “Think out of the box “

You have crossed these five words at many phases of your life. Nevertheless, it’s probably a troublesome sector for many people, engrossed with social situations and personal too. There are people who don’t even know they are inside the box circling around . So, let us project this quarantine to be more productive in evolving our me-phase to a greater extent.  Let us utilize the standstill of certain things around to protrude a new “I” from us for an extended long run which should contain contentment.

Take rewind to your flashback from there you start your new contentment to breathe the fresh air after your quarantine.



Home of Empire:

When we talk a lot about goals for the upcoming year A FRUITFUL 2020:, it must be our better duty to rewind the cherishing things! If I get a chance anytime ever to turn on the pages of my past, I would definitely opt for my chapters of visiting my beloved Grandparents. Though I have got pretty vacations visiting many real palaces, I would certainly bestow the first admiring place to my grandparents’ house. They are two super-heroic persons in my life who have done the best for their grandkids every time they could possibly do.

The small garden, my grandpa’s favorite pastime, had yielded the flowers, roses of only the options of my cousins and me. When we decided to play cooking, never a second thought to skip taking our garden as our first kitchen.  Our grandpa would forget his midtime tea and newspaper only possibly to gather us all the vegetables from the garden. He would be our first pleasing judge who says ” What a tasty food I ever had!”, even when there is no salt. Being super grown right now, I believe grandparents have solely taken the responsibilities of making us feel prince or princess in our birth.

All the eleven months of extremely academic-oriented worthwhile waiting for the month of May to be the princess all throughout my life. I shouldn’t fail to mention my dearest cousins who could smile reading. They would probably start imagining the very old swing which had strongly held all 12 of us right from the elder brother to our little sister. No one, under any circumstances, could take thought to walk around the moving swing. The act of being proactive is no way a dictionary word those days, whether the first bicycle, the very first dance program or the perfect tranquil place to prepare for competitive exams. Everything is magic when it happens in that palace.

Every time I personally feel trembling tired of this life, after all, I think my grandma made sure she was preparing 12 different desserts of her every grandkids’ favorite, even when she was past 80 remembering things which even we have forgotten. What could possibly make me rather running faster than slower? Apparently and definitely for my cousins too. She never fell sick all throughout the month of May even she was really. I learned houses are built congregating with the hardwoods from the backyard and pillows from every corner. We gave always an exquisite picture of the house with my grandma’s dark-colored saree. Oh! we never take a chance to cover up the house with the mosquito net of grandpa.

They can take as many heavy feathers in their hats for us. Why not the Cheerleaders? Indeed, they are the first people to say that we are people of excellence. The boasting talks eventually in spite of their pride is always a booster for everyone. My keypads have never stumbled at all to search the end of the article. All I could is only going back to my palace where I really pulled my way out to prey for words. When there are zillion things to write about them, yet the alphabets can never be a finite range to recite.

The person of being super special is always for our grandparents, who have time, energy, mindfulness to make us emote in that way. The existence of my own empire has been always rendered to me and it’s only because of them. My blog would become futile unless I have written about them.  Love you my aachi and thatha!!








Every year-end doesn’t probably end without preferring specific goals and resolutions. I remember my class-teacher starting the year as fresh as possible by rendering a chance to everyone to say their resolutions for that year. Even though we fail every time almost to tick the checklist, we enjoy bringing up the resolutions every particular year. Yet, marking the checklist done is always a bolstering task to do. If there is a slight chance we could certainly accomplish what we aim, we should never overlook at all. Therefore, here are the simple walks you can take to provide betterment in the long run.


A very common word these days is the “GOALS”. Before we walk through the rest of the year, the predominant step ahead to do is preparing a journal to track what we ought to.  Firstly, pen down all the possible desires of yours in that. Secondly, do not confuse yourself whether we really should write down the big goals or small goals, better write everything runs in your mind. This would be such a profound self-introspection.


When you read the word “prioritize”, you suddenly may reckon to distinguish your goals in three categories- difficult, average, easy. Though this really matters and handles the time complexity, still when you classify the goals according to your favorites presumably you are easily invigorated to persuade deep down with the goals.  Henceforth, the second job of us is to prioritize in the order of most, average, least favorites.


There is a saying ” Know who your enemy is while you battling”. When you definitely want a modest year, it’s a mandate to accept you would probably become a big hindrance while traversing through your resolutions. You are either sluggish or heavily opposite. You are seriously tracked down by your other important jobs. You at many places undermine the interest of performing all these goals, tasks, etc,. Thereby, write all the derailing points which you could find immediately and even incessantly.


The simplest method to cover up the hurdles which I personally follow for even extremely fundamental things is rewarding. In short, self-appreciation. Do not expect others in this journey to applaud you. When you realize that something one or other is bothering you in doing so, owe you anything you have been longing for many days.


If you want anything way heavier than rewards, it’s nevertheless but envisioning. Envision yourself to be fit after doing a lot jogging. Envision a prolific career after a lot of effort put forward your college. We really push ourselves hard only to see something exhilarating in the future.


Indeed you always need a break. You have to perfectly fix a course of time in every task to utilize the “pause”. The deviation from the regular ongoing process has to be super constructive definitely in consonance with your pleasing zone. However, your resonance with the “GOALS” must be intact.


There are chances that you might never impart your wishes to reality. You have to keep going with the fact of not complaining yourself that you are solely responsible for not being done. This could pave you to be a lot of productive healthily in your tomorrows. Intrinsically following certain things in your life is never a cakewalk.

15 more days for the impeccable 2020 with your quest for the future. Enjoy 2019 even better and hunt you in 2020 meticulously.




The one and only poem which I remember from my primary school English Textbook is Robert Frost’s “Road not taken”. I liked it because of its super-easy 8 lines to memorize. However, I have never thought this poem absolutely correlated with the turmoil of many women or at the least the women whom I know. Women are the luckiest people as they have two roads in the options to drive along. Our first road is either co-ed or the girls’ school. I believe this statement is pretty convincing rather choosing ‘neither’,’ nor’. If you are a pedestrian walking from girls’ school to co-ed, here comes a diligent scenario, to talk with boys or never do that, please. HA! HA! Laugh out loud if you are a senior pedestrian in this.

Traveling in this journey is probably undemanding until we stop ourselves at choosing our college road. Firstly, we must ponder whether the choice we make cater not to disrupt our family bank balance. Secondly,  to be an intriguing professional.  Nevertheless, a woman often takes out her flexibility and alter everything to her exhilarating chapter. The skeptical journey of deciding whether marriage or higher studies, parenting or professional, stay fit or embrace the hormonal imbalance is a never-ending highway that might render you with a sense of being a failure.

When you are put with two Roads, your DREAM or others’, it is never a poem “ROAD NOT TAKEN” to memorize 8-12 lines. You need an English Tutor to make explain the phrases, idioms of the poem. You probably oblige your sibling to hear you recite those lullaby lines grossly more than a hundred times. Your neighboring friend knocked your head for scripting your self lines amidst the original. Don’t think choosing between two poles was certainly an untiring effort. Dreams or others’ dreams, you would have come up with either way to today.

At any point, you may think that the footpath you have chosen has never done justice either for you or your others’. Chill out, girls!! After all, you have traveled a lot in this exquisite life. Gear On!! U have yet many distances to drive on!!




What? When? Why?

Back then during our grammar classes, we would have heard our English Teacher describing these ‘Wh’ tags.  What? When? Why? certainly would change the dimension of your life only in a case if they have been put in the right places. There are three eminent aspects of our day-to-day life: Personal life, Physical Health and obviously Career. These above-mentioned aspects may differ in the hierarchy, however, you will never take a chance to overlook at all.

What? :

Most of us hardly have time to ask this ‘What?’ even to our close ones. At many times, your mom or spouse or other loved ones will take nearly their energy to share something with you. On the other edge, we may always end up in murmuring words “umm, huh-huh, hmm”. We might totally never want them to yearn for our dedicated conversation. Yet, we always swamped in our uncertainties of how to invigorate our relationships even more healthier. The only solution which I would love to try is responding answers as chit-chat questions. For instance, if your loved one is happily exclaiming about their shopping experiences, try ask them “Hey! What is your favorite trend these days?”. This will thoroughly benefit both sides.

When? :

This is nowhere a surprising hint for us. When? plays a vital role in our health which our grandparents and parents have absolutely got hold. Have you asked the question to yourself “When did I exercise?”, “When did I eat healthy food?”, “When did I have a proper home-cooked food?”, “When did I have ever thought about my status of health?”. Our fore-runners have never got really a point of time to utter these “When?”s as they have exactly run their lifestyle in between of these questions. Health doesn’t matter only with these, nevertheless, we can perfectly initiate with this if you are a novice.

Why? :

Some people have intrinsic abilities to prolong super well in their careers. However, certain people fail to do one simple persuasive approach and that is finding “Why?”. Let us take me as an illustration here. When I started this blog, it really took me another 10 months to write my second write-up. But, after that, I eventually started writing then and there whenever I feel to do so. Before my second write-up, I have been pondering only “What should I write next?” which hardly pushed me to do so further. After my second write-up, I interrogated myself with a series of “Why?”s.

  • Why should I write a blog seriously?
  • Why should I write consistently?
  • Why should I think about writing more write-ups rather than not changing my TV channels?

I actually had an ample some questions in my head and when I finally acquired the curious answers, it started kicking me off to pen even more. “Why?” will definitely throw miracles, be it be your passion, career, interest,etc..



Success is the most common iterated and re-iterated word in my life!! Before you imagine myself getting prestigious awards, I would say I’m no way here to self-boast me being a successful person in my life. In fact, I haven’t accosted any true success until now respective to the stereotypical success norms. Chill!! “Marks and Grades are the two predominant aspects of your life”, said my people while I encountered schooling. Do you think this has been ended once I’m 20? “Your income is your status and apparently your success”, the exact same people in my life.

I’m never a savior for myself when I happened to stuck in between these stereotypes. Do you think you are? NO!! When someone stigmatizes your acquisition of skills and knowledge only through their personal traits, you are definitely able to get influenced by them. IF they say fit, you think you are fit!! Else unfit!! What the influencers carrying out is nowhere the right thing. However, rather splurging your precious time in giving your sense of mind for the people you can definitely go out with the flow.

It took me really a plethora of years to believe that I’m the better version of whatever I’m doing from yesterday. If you are my reader, you can take the ray of hope in your hand and stop being standstill with someone else who doesn’t even know who you are. “SUCCESS” is unquestionably a word. I’m not proclaiming here “Hey!! Sit on your couch and sleep all day. There is no success in the air”. Impede such those negative thoughts. Success is the only version of your scale.

There are two things I endured when I got stigmatized.

(a) I forget what I am

(b)I declared what I’m capable of which had impaired me in seeing the out of the box.

I did escort me from these norms by perceiving success in a self-defined manner which involves only my self-contentment rather not with my bank-balance and exorbitant lifestyle


How to make yourself an avid reader:

Back then before a couple of years, I make myself to read books which have certainly been suggested by my friends and cousins. In a nutshell, I can proclaim that most of the books I have read were circulated by my friends. Though I read, I don’t think that it would have rendered anything to me. However, I somehow jumped in reading a plethora of books lately!! Yet, I couldn’t accept me as an avid reader and therefore, it mitigated my sense of zeal. Henceforth, I ended with these 5 steps to push me towards the journey of reading books strictly.


The extremely significant factor under this process is the genre, either the fiction or the non-fiction. When you lose yourself while reading, then that must be your favorite. You can even slide deeper into your ideology whether you prefer leafing comic books, thriller centric, motivational books, productivity-related and a lot more to explore in the ocean. If you ask me “What’s your choice??”, I’d say productivity and motivational are my zones.


The environment is the second predominant reason to unleash more books. You can fix certain positive corners of your home where you can read whenever you wish to do so. The other boosting strategy to bolster reading at home is keeping your favorite books around every possible corner where you spend your much time. For example, place your every day read under your TV table. Also, place another book around your sleeping bed or corner side table of your bedroom. Furthermore, you can keep a book where you tend to sit and relax in your living room, for instance, your couch or sofa. Try place a small coffee table around that.


When I was urging me to expand my reading count, the thought of thinking books as my companion dominated me in everything. You can attain this course of stage only if you are prepared to carry books wherever you go. Firstly, you can fit a book in your handbag or office bag or double-pack or whatever you ought to carry. If you are waiting for someone in a coffee shop, you can always turn some pages. We have times at many places of our days where we talk just to fill up space, which can certainly be replaced with a book.


Mornings are one such vibrating session of our mind which will be unnoticed many times. We can start our day with 5 pages just after you wake up every day. This is just an amazing magic wand because this is going to influence even your perception for the whole day. It will make you feel so diligently well-organized. Also, you can somehow complete a book within a month if you just accomplish the morning pages.


Human minds will auto-play according to fixed things we generally practice. Let me explain in detail. For instance, we will never buckle our shoes for walking every day. However, if we pay some bucks for our GYM membership, we would definitely thrive hard to look even more fit. Likewise, you can try spending a little money on buying some books. If you want a substantial increase in your reading, try making goals that you will complete 20 books a year or so. Also, you can eventually increase your reading pages every day.

Books would become such best friends in your life, only you love them. Try initializing these above-said tips in your life and boast yourself as an avid reader.

What did I miss being a first bench student:

When I decided that I am going to proceed with only Physics after my schooling, all I wanted is to occupy the first benches every time to make sure that I am not failing to get hold with the theories and concepts. Even though it helped me in certain ways, yet I have a few things to count on under the missing list. However, I am not trying anything as such to reject those first benches in your lives, rather you can contribute your mind towards a plethora of opportunities your institution provide and the extremely special first bench as well. Four things which I could have got only during the college days are :


Most of us dedicate our days and nights only for scanning the curriculum textbooks. I agree many parents never think that holding fiction or non-fiction books can boost your grades. HA HA!! Even my parents would never agree. My college library has even now a great and astounding books to leaf through. Even though we had a particular time schedule to get used to library, we always end up in searching Physics books. Besides this, I never take a look at the aisle of Self-help books and Life-shaping books which would possibly have given me the concepts of a normal human life at the very age of 20. I missed that!!


If my friends read this post, they are going to probably laugh out aloud. This is because I am one such irritating student of all the Sports teachers I have come across.  I was totally oblivious that any sports play an integral part in our life until I played Badminton two years back which I loved too. Though I can play anytime now, but still early 20s are exactly appropriate time to cherish it and can be devoid of the hormonal changes in my body which we incur in our later on ages. Therefore, choosing a sport of your favorite is always a significant choice in your college days which is also a networking.


This is the most apparent scenario most first benchers have handled. When you thoroughly confined to the only corners of your bench and board, you tend to lose your interactions with your other peers who have definite different  wavelength. Gotcha!! You are daring at me questioning “Is that so??”. Yes, definitely. You may have a sound perfect blueprint of your entire life: your post graduation, job, ambitions and future plans. However, there is a wide chance that every career decision might protrude wrong. That time, the interactions with varied people of different wavelength would pave you the X.,Y,Z solutions rather only sticking to your solution alone.


All the above mentioned factors can be slightly accomplished at any phase of your life, but not friends. Being a first bencher is like satisfying others by not travelling out of the line even a bit. I failed to think what I like. I preferred not to enjoy a small shopping with friends, a chit chat outside the college and even more which any one cannot procure once its passed.

Enjoy every part of life to its fullest!!









Law of Attraction

                         No man in this world has been breathing every minute without desire. It can be anything. It can be to start a new company, to earn as much as he can, or some people to sleep properly every night. There are many people saying to persist in being young and fit throughout their life. Desires don’t mean we are becoming greedy while you often thrive hard to wake up early in the morning, it is even called as desire. The world has been evolved with a new technique called the LAW OF ATTRACTION. You may wonder “Is this a new one, where I have already studied about this in my physics  textbook.” You are exactly right, yet the above mentioned is totally a new version.

                          LAW OF ATTRACTION is nothing but to attract something or even anything when you really dream to have it. In a nutshell, in case if you are believing deeply you will conquer it. The World conspires to achieve it for you if you create positive aspirations to attain that. I know! Sounds crazy and pretty strange right. It sounded like this to many renowned achievers out there in the universe who are now proclaiming that they have broken their hardest dreams by just executing this LAW OF ATTRACTION in simple steps. Do you want to try this out?? stay till the last dot to know what is all about.

                         What you give to the universe, will come to you back in return.  The Only different case is we give out  CO2 and breathe in the oxygen. Law of attraction concentrates more on our thoughts. If you think I cannot wake early, the universe observes the “cannot “. Therefore, you will never be able to get up early. There are many theories and science evolving around this Law of attraction. However, we need only a few baby steps to cultivate this in our daily lives to project your success. I know we all are chasing in a competitive and hectic society where we hardly earn an hour to protrude through bizarre facts. You need to change only three things in your perspective. Some people perhaps following the baby steps, yet failed to grasp the intensity of that.

                               And they are:

  •   Thoughts
  •   Gratitude
  •   Environment

           Your thoughts are amicable vibration for you: either it is positive or backfiring which is in terms of your attitude. Believe strongly in your thoughts and decisions that everything will definitely happen. 

                  Don’t hesitate to embrace what you already have in with you. Gratitude would provide you with a sense of satisfaction and to march towards the next positive moment.

The environment is a factor we always forget to upgrade in our place. If you are thriving to be an Athlete, grab all such inspiring sportspeople pictures whom you wonder. Collect your pushing quotes to make yourself do a motivated path in the long run.

                 If you really believe something, the universe conspires to achieve it. Enlighten with the LAW OF ATTRACTION to get done with your complex problems.




                  Human beings are social animals, yet, we have this thought running in our minds ” How can I befriend this person? Is my boss really got admired by my ideas? During most part of our years, we tried certainly hard to make friends, influence others and even has to do in the future as well. Our World is full of theory and inventions. Don’t you ponder over this much discussed topic of methods to rule a topic amongst a group of people? YAY!! Here come the simple methods to captivate other’s attention, yet put it down with ease.


                 Are you a person who loves to talk all the time?? Because I was such a person back then. However, I realized a simple mistake of me emphasizing my story when I perused about influencing people. If you wish to pursue a better conversation be it with your friend or your client, try to take pauses to give your ears for the opponent person. When you do so, you would subsequently appear to be the best person with others. Also, everyone would feel that you are the appropriate person to come and talk other stories of them in the future. People always need a ready mind to hear them out.


                 People who wish to become entrepreneurs or to have a startup might get this good chance of facing this. Its nothing but hearing inappropriate or unhappened scenario of a well-known topic of yours. Perhaps, you are thoroughly excelled at everything. Nevertheless, you have to pretend that the opposite person is perfectly right and “SAY YES”. In a nutshell, you have to avoid arguments because that will hinder you from losing your significant goal.


                 We are getting many possible persons to meet everybody and even end up to be the last meet. But, if we get a second or third meet up, could we be able to recollect the names. Many chattings will be initiated by saying ” Your face is familiar, but I could just not iterate your name”. You may be certain with any Boss or Gold Performer name. Everything can do this. If you want to be the odd man out of the show, try once calling out everyone with their names.

                   It’s not only three, but many tricky ways to totally make people like to the core. You have to stay in the choices and interests of others’ and understand the perspectives as well. If you feel that your other efforts are futile, in that case, you can give your fullest smile. Smile make wonders.